It has been by dream for many years to have homestead. It finally became a reality! My family has been blessed to move to a 9.4 acre home just over the border of West Virginia. I am in the process of transforming it into a little homestead. A place to grow our food, raise my family, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and share our bounty with others.

These were were my goals and dreams from a couple years. It's now time to make happen!

A) Self-sustaining lifestyle/skills
B) Holistic: Head, Heart, Hands
C) Attitude of Gratitude
D) Contemplative (everything with God) ~but of course!

My subcategories are:
#1) Food: whole foods, healthy, unprocessed
-buy local
-buy organic
-learn to grow
-learn to can

#2) Conscious living: know where my food comes from, know where my clothing comes from, know where my products come from:
-buy local
-buy handmade
-Make by hand

#3) Sewing skills, knitting skills, crochet skills, etc...

All this will be a progression~little by little over the course of the years.