Thursday, August 2, 2012

Service to the Poor: First Visit to MCs

The Missionaries of Charity have three houses in the Washington, DC area:

1244 V Street Southeast ~ Contemplative Sisters
(202) 889-6100

Queen of Peace House ~ Soup kitchen and Home for pregnant women
3310 Wheeler Road Southeast
(202) 562-6890
Gift of Peace House~ Sick and dying
2800 Otis Street Northeast
Washington(202) 269-3313
The cross in the chapel at the Gift of Peace House

My first visit to the MCs was about 4 years ago. I went to the Queen of Peace House because I was interested in the home for unwed mothers since I have my own history as an unwed, teenage mom. However, there really isn't much to do as a volunteer there. So instead I helped out in the soup kitchen. It was a beautiful experience. The Sisters have no problem giving you a chore and putting you right to work.

The Sister Superior noticed I had a car. She asked if I wouldn't mind giving her a ride around town to do some shopping. I hadn't had that in my mind, but sure, I was up for anything I could do to be helpful. They always go out in pairs, so I ended up driving around DC these two little nuns. The Sisters know every dollar store in the city. And come to find out they love shopping. We went to three or four different stores shopping for items on their list. It was such a pleasure to be able to do this for them.

Driving around the city, the topic of the National Shrine came up. I mentioned I had never been before. The two sisters had me take them there and gave me a quick tour. I was so humbled and blessed to be personally accompanied around the shrine by them--one sinner-in-reform with two saintly nuns. I never would of imagined in a million years having this experience.

Afterwards, the sisters took me to the Gift of the Peace House and gave me a tour there as well. They had a brief chat with their other sisters and collected a few supplies to take back to their convent with them. The sisters grabbed me a snack and a soda before we ended the day back where we started.

It was such a blissful day. I thank God for that amazing experience. I went to serve the poor, instead it was I who ended up being served, being blessed.