Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spirit of Service: Passing on the Legacy

There is nothing that makes this mama's heart sing louder than watching her own children practice the spirit of service. Instilling my six daughters with a servant's heart is one of my goals as a parent.

This summer my oldest daughter, who is 12 (soon to be 13~eek!!), had the opportunity to volunteer at not one but two Vacation Bible Schools. There was more involved to being a camp assistant than I first realized. She was required to attend numerous prior planning, training, and set up meetings. Faithfully she attended each one.

Watching her over these couple months, I discovered she has a bigger heart than I first realized and a knack for working with kids (having 5 younger sisters may contribute a little something to that, although she's not always so generous with them!). Her adult leader counterparts on more than one occasion made compliments on how much of a help she was. It was heartening to see her bud and blossom in this new leadership role as she grows into a beautiful and giving young lady.