Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On the Art Front

Well if wasn't bad enough that last week I weathered a cold, that cold turned into head congestion which contributed to an ear infection on Sunday morning . . . 36 weeks pregnant with an ear infection is a bummer. But all is well. I saw a doctor, got some prescriptions, and while the pain is gone I still can't hear out of that one ear. Other than slowing down my blogging mojo, I'm for the most part back up and running again--just a little deaf (*smiles*)

On the art front, I have news that I received a new commission! My local community college--the same one that gave me my "commission artist" start--contacted me to do another portrait for a benefactor. It's such a beautiful feeling when I have broken the paper in with the first pencil sketchings. . .

This is my make shift art studio . . . my living room. Having little kids that need eyes on supervision I have to stay in the midst of the action. No tucking me away in my own little private art studio sanctuary. Or atleast not for now! One day when the kids are older I'll have all that :) But my duty is a mother and an artist so I do what I have to do to get the job done--which means staying in the war zone to create my masterpieces!

I also get to share that during a midwife home visit last week, I "sold" a photo copy of my drawing of Mother Teresa to my midwife. She posted it on the Tens Moons Midwifery Facebook page!  Take a look . . . Sweet :)