Friday, March 16, 2012

The Spiritual Side of My Home Birth

I'm not sure if I've spoken about the spiritual side of my homebirth plans, I can't recall. Pregnancy brain?! Probably Possibly. Guess it doesn't hurt to discuss it again. It is one of my favorite topics, afterall :) . . .and I just received some great news that I'm dying to share.

I am Catholic so I had planned  or rather desired, that might be a better word, to have the Legion of Mary enthrone a blessed statute of Mary in my home during the time of my homebirth. I had casually brought up my idea to the Legion Leader a couple months back at a get together. By the time I got around to speaking to her again to make the plans last weekend I discovered that the statue was already spoken for for the week of March 25th. I'm due March 27th, I was hoping to have her by then. But I thought I tend to run overdue, so it might still work out afterall. I was assigned to have her the first week of April--for Easter. That would be nice. I may not have her for the birth of my baby, but very shortly after while I'm home caring for and cuddling my new little one I'd have her there with me--and not to mention the honor of having her for Easter! So I resigned myself to this idea.

Well, dear readers, I just got a call this morning saying the original lady cancelled her appointment for the enthronement on the 25th and that I could have her afterall! I could have her from the 25th through Easter!!!! I was ecstatic at this news! Thank you Lord, my plan wish came true afterall!!

So now I need to clear her a spot on my mantle. Maybe buy her a few fresh flowers, or pick them from my garden already beginning to bloom with  all this crazy warm weather we've been having :) On the 25th she will brought to my home and enthroned while reciting the rosary and saying some prayers.

Thank you God <3