Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paper Roll Twisted Oak Tree--Take 2

I wasn't lying when I said I was going to make myself one of the Paper Roll Twisted Oak Trees. I've just run into some minor creative set backs that have had to be resolved. For one, I used some brown packaging paper I had on hand instead of  paper bags. However, the paper isn't as thick and sturdy as that of a paper bag so that has caused some issues. I have been coating it numerous times with Mod Podge to help stiffen it up a bit. I still need to add a few more layers especially on the backside.

It still doesn't have the durability to withstand hanging yet. I probably should have placed wire inside the twisted paper as the tutorial suggested--especially being as I made mine super large (too large?). As of right now I have the tree tacked to a piece of cloth to both hold the branches in position while I'm coating them with the Mod Podge, as well as to keep the glue off my table while working with it. My kids are getting in on the action--and anytime kids are involved it's gonna get messy. It also serves as a gurney when we need to transport it off our table for dinner :)

Secondly, I've had this cold this week that has really set me back in every area of my life. Today is day 4 of the cold and I'm finally beginning to feel some relief. The cold cloud is beginning to rise finally.

Thirdly, leave it to an artist to take what was supposed to be a simple, quick, uncomplicated project and complicate it! I found this picture online:

I love all the color! It adds a little spunk. What if I added color to the tree instead of keeping it all brown??

Or even something like this:

Adding a little artistic variation to the leaves and such . . .

As you can see I took something easy (as usual) and went and complicated it all up! :) I just see soooo much possibility in this project. And I haven't even gotten to adding our names to the "Family Tree" yet and how I plan to do that.

So there is still much work to be done and creative problem solutions I need to figure out. I am determined as ever to finish this project before the baby comes--which means real soon! The final product will have to wait for Paper Roll Twisted Oak Tree--Take 3. . .