Monday, February 6, 2012

WIP: Paper Roll Twisted Oak Tree

While perusing the Internet this weekend, I came across this awesome tree craft! It's a Paper Roll Twisted Oak Tree from the blog Childmade.

It is made from brown paper bags and paper towel/toilet paper rolls. This project is both "green"(reusing items) and frugal--who doesn't have already on hand (or can't easily get their hands on) some paper bags, paper towel rolls, and a little glue! Childmade offers an excellent, step-by-step, pictured tutorial. I am determined to make this this week. With baby number 6 on the way, I was thinking of making mine into a family tree wall hanging. I'll add each family member's picture or name or something along those lines. I just finished up a portrait drawing, you'd think my creative drive would be satisfied for just a bit. It's not. I need something crafty. I love doing my art, but sometimes it's a fun, creative craft that's required to do the trick :) I'll show you my finished product later this week!