Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birth Circle & Movie Night

My midwives hold a monthly Birth Circle. Last night they held a movie night! We watched Guerrilla Midwife on a projector screen, complete with popcorn and tea :)

I love documentaries. I am very happy my midwives shared this one, otherwise I may never have heard about it and had a chance to watch this beautiful documentary. Ibu Robin Lim, whom the film follows, was awarded CNN's 2011 Hero of the Year Award. You can read the article here. I have to say, I found both the movie and Ibu Robin Lim very inspiring!

A blurb from

Healing the earth one baby at a time

Guerilla Midwife begins with an ancestral dream. In the dark before the dawn in Bali, the morning of the world, Ibu Robin Lim is awakened by a call to deliver a baby. What unfolds is the story of conflict, of one woman’s international battle to balance Science, Nature, and Culture in the protocols of birth.

The film captures the human rights issues of Maternal and Child survival, of how lives are sacrificed to poverty while the misuse of technology endangers our every humanity.
Following the day-to-day endeavors of a village midwife from the fragrance of her Balinese home, to Aceh, Indonesia. Visually the film moves us from the gentlest moment of first breath, to the horrific destruction of the Tsunami disaster.

Experts testifying to the importance of birth as the essential foundation for healing our planet include, French Obstetrician Michel Odent, Dr. Marshal Claus, and Midwife Mary Jackson. The facts are woven between the stories of women’s lives as they labor to bring forth the next generation. The generation that will either; live in harmony with nature or destroy it, wage war or create peace.
Guerrilla Midwife is a ninety-minute documentary film, depicting the courage of mothers and their midwives as they hold hands across barriers of language and culture, and guide us toward a reinvention of medical protocols. It is the story of a war waged gently in the belief that peace on earth can be achieved, one baby at a time.