Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Sorry guys I don't have a post for you today. This may seem silly, but I just discovered I'm not mainstream. I was reading a yahoo group post the other day for a Waldorf education group I recently joined. I was agreeing with the writer all the way, nodding my head and grinning all the way, when it got to the end and it made the statement that we are not mainstream. Huh? Say what?!

I guess it never dawned me. I never looked at myself that way. I mean I knew I wasn't like everyone else around me. I always felt a little odd--well, now I know why. I have just been doing what I do and following what I like or what my conscience tells me. I wasn't really paying attention, just living in my little bubble--I suppose somewhere along the way I must have veered off the mainstream up a creek! Not that it's a bad thing (probably even a good thing--better land out here for that future little homestead I dream about anyway *wink, wink* :). I just never planned on being here. I never, with purpose, meant to go countercultural. It just happened. Through a series of events that have happened in my life and following my heart and following what I like-- I found myself  here.

So in my befuddlement I have no post today. With Buddha-like tranquility I just sit here taking it in, accepting it as neither good, nor bad--it just is. . . .I am not mainstream.