Monday, February 13, 2012

Making This Mama Proud

Let's hear a big WOO-HOO for my daughter A!!! Back in Decemeber for her birthday she joined the MaryJaneFarm Sisterhood as a Young Cultivator. She just earned her very first merit badge!

The requirements for the Let’s Go To Town (Beginner Level) were to:

  • Visit your local library to sign up for a library card of your own.
  • Request a schedule of activities the library has for people your age.

While Anna already had her library card (we are a homeschooling afterall and a library card is a homeschoolers best friend~also, my A is a librophile, the library is one of her favorite places to visit :) However, when we set up her account intially we forgot to jot down the password for her card. She's been without access to the online features like placing books on hold or having the ability to renew them online, ect. We've just let it slide in the past--using my own or one of her sister's cards if she wanted to put a book on hold. Well, we straightened that out with a new password!

Next we spoke with the librarian in charge of the children programs and got the scoop on the programs they offer for children her age. We found out, as of right now, they offer 3 programs for her age group--2 which she is interested in. We'll be checking more into them and visiting the libraries web site for dates and times :)

I love a public library. What a great community resource they are: free books, free movies, free music, free Internet, free workshops!!! Unlimited and free access to knowledge! A library is a beautiful thing :)
“I cannot live without books.”
- Thomas Jefferson, 1815