Monday, February 20, 2012

My Kind of Guy

So Lent kicks off this Wednesday, February 22, with Ash Wednesday. I've been doing some pre-Lent thinking and preparations-- mentally and spiritually trying to prepare myself for the Lenten season.

What am I going to give up this year? What sacrifice am I going to make?

I'm giving up TV. Not that I'm a huge fan of TV anyways, but what I do watch is a distraction--a time killer. I'm planning to use this freed up time for more quiet time, doing more reading (preferably spiritual), listening to more books on tape, spending more time with nature, and an overall being more in the moment.

After last weeks discovery and blog post, I've found my Lenten role model--the poster child for not being mainstream. My kind of guy--living off grid, eating from the land, making his own clothes, following his heart, doing what he does and not paying any mind to others.

It's my man, John the Baptist! He lives in the wilderness, lives off locusts and honey, and wears camel skin clothing and sandals. These are all characteristics I personally admire. I have gained a whole new level of appreciation of this guy; seen him in a new light. Taking him as my role model I will aspire to become simpler like him, become more detached from the material things (and social conformance *wink, wink*), spend more time in nature, and taking to heart what John is infamously quoted for, "Repentance!"

In a nutshell: Simplicity~Detachment~Repentance~Nature

How's this for exciting to think about, by the time Lent is over with I will have given birth to my newest little baby- due March 27th! Another incentive to use this time I have remaining to get centered and get out with nature while I still can :)