Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Placentas Part 1

As a pregnant woman, of course I've been taking my standard prenatal vitamin. Actually, to be totally honest with you, with all of my 6 pregnancies I have used Flintstones Multivitamins with Iron--taking two in the morning. When I was pregnant with my first baby my morning sickness was really bad. I couldn't keep down the regular prenatal vitamins so my OB/GYN told me to take the Flintstones. It helped! I had a healthy 7 lb 12oz baby girl. With each subsequent pregnancy I've just kept with that same method--each time resulting with a healthy baby. In the past my iron has never been low and blood levels have always checked out fine. My Flintstones were the extent of the supplements I'd take, with the exception of a few Tums to ward of heartburn and indigestion.

With this, my sixth pregnancy, I've been feeling much more fatigued than usual. It could be from a variety of reasons--one being I already have 5 other kids I'm trying to keep up with, two which I homeschool, and a house I must still maintain! (Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it!!!). I opted for random finger pricks to check my blood levels, rather than the full work-up. I was tested a little on the low side for my iron levels recently. I was recommended Floradix. I now take that (it's a liquid) twice a day. Also to help improve my energy levels I've been taking extra care of my diet, trying to eat more whole foods. My family just made a trip up to the Amish Market to stock up on some wholesome baking and cooking supplies. They had some awesome prices on their goods; my husband and I were impressed. So I will be posting more In the Kitchen posts from here forward as I get back to cooking and baking from scratch :)

Perhaps caused from all the pregnancy hormones or stemming from the habitual fatigue, I was beginning to get the blues. One of my midwives, Aimee, is trained in herbal medicine so I texted her to ask for a safe, herbal recommendation. She sent me this helpful link from Kathleen Kendall Tackett, a well respected author in the field. She also suggested St. John's Wart and fish oil. I picked both of these up. I take one St. John's Wart capsule three times a day and the fish oil gel capsule once a day. I have to say both my energy and my mood have improved tremendously. I am also adding outside time to my schedule now. Before I was always so tired that my housework was slacking. Then because my was house was in such a horrible state I didn't feel right abandoning it for other (funner) endeavors. Only I was too tired to clean so it never got done anyway. Ugg!!! A vicious cycle was beginning to form--neither the housework or getting out of the house for free time was getting accomplished. I was stuck in my home with no ground being made.  I have purposed to get out and take my girls to our nearby park for 30 minutes every day (that the weather affords it, that is)--getting some fresh air, sunlight (vitamin D) and letting the kids get some energy out.

A little side note, my midwives don't recommend Tums for heartburn, it's not so good for your placenta. One of their remedies if eating raw almonds. I picked some of those up at the Amish Market while we were there! This will be a good place to stop for today as this leads me into the topic of placenta encapsulation! I'll save that for tomorrow :)