Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This was the week I had planned to get my house scrubbed from top to bottom. This was the week we took off from homeschool in order to do it. This was the week I was going to get all the baby items out, washed, and organized. It is this Friday both my doula and one of my midwives come for a home visit. What should I wake up Monday with?! A COLD! Of course! Thank you, God, I appreciate that one. But being the season of Lent and no other time in which to accomplish these cleaning tasks which must be accomplished, I pull myself up by bootstraps, offer it up to God, and clean anyways. In the words of Rambo, "I don't have time to bleed for a cold." So this week is dedicated to cleaning and nesting FINALLY! Only four weeks to go and I thought I'd never get to it. Leave it to the thought of home visits to a messy, chaotic, unorganized home to get the fires burning under you :) Yesterday I managed to scrub, top to bottom, my living room. I went cleaning-woman-crazy on it. Got inside my couch, under my couch, base boards, crown molding, dusted fans, wiped walls, steam mopped the wood floors--you name it, I got it. Mind you this all in between blowing my constantly running nose--thank you to my dear children for passing that along to me. I had four of my five daughters sick with a cold this weekend. My nesting experience isn't turning out exactly as I had in my mind. But the jobs getting done none the less. I can only hope as the days roll along and my cold lessens nesting will become less difficult, maybe even enjoyable because this means my little one will be arriving very shortly. It's starting to become real as I wash little clothes, and organize little cloth diapers, and the likes. And the not so quaint and cute chores of scrubbing the toilets and such, well it is all in the spirit of true nesting I do those things. This is not a nest I merely bring home a new baby to. This is a nest I will be birthing my new baby in!!!