Friday, November 30, 2012

Project 31: Journal Day 8

Journal~Day 8:

A) Esther responded back by email with raw milk link:  (buy local, whole foods)
Note: At our last Waldorf Meetup group, the other moms and I
were discussing unpasteurized milk and where to get it.
After our hike in the woods, we've been going back to Esther's farm house
and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate made with the raw milk she gets. Delicious!
B) Facebooked Mary about where she used to get her fresh milk, wanting a farm that came recommended and trusted.
  • They got theirs from Hedgebrook Farm- ; group share instead of private share, so would need to rotate pickup amongst 6 families :(  would prefer to responsible for my own milk. Celeste's milk pickup is the same way and I wasn't really interested in that model.
  • 1 gallon of milk a week
  • One time fee of $60 for share; one time fee of $20 for jars & lids; monthly boarding fee of $28. Money collected quarterly
  • Works out to be about $5.25/gallon (after the one time fees of course)
C) Made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch with the homemade bread I made on Day 6. There's a sense of pride in using/eating something you made yourself. I tell you, I was walking a little taller and feeling all puffed up, lol :) (healthy, homemade)
Note: Our day 6 bread making.
The 2 loaves on the left were made by scratch by my 9 year old daughter, Anna,
without ANY assistance. They're a honey wheat. Pretty awesome, huh?!
She's got more skills than I did at her age, that's for sure.
 The one on the one right was mine~ a simple wheat bread recipe
from Laural's Kitchen cookbook. Attempt one in making this bread.
***I felt so proud using MY homemade that I made myself. I was all puffed up**

    D) Began making heart and star Christmas ornaments from old fabric. (sewing, handmade, resourceful)
    Note: Fabric from my baby quilt and Kittens in a Basket.
     It's the fabric that keeps on giving :)
    E) Continued worked on Christy's wool felt baby booties, began embroidery designs.
    F) Husband brought home the beeswax and honey! (local, small business, organic)
    Note: One of the ladies at my husband's work has a little side business beekeeping:
    Lunsford Bee Farm. At our Waldrolf Group on Monday we will be making
     hand dipped beeswax candles!!