Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Holidays: Kittens in a Basket

I was so excited about this Christmas season and all the homemade gifts I planned to make. I had a number of projects lined up, just itching to get to them. Sadly, plans changed and most of them had to be put on the back burner. Out of everything I had planned, I managed to complete one gift! They’re called A Litter of Kittens in a Basket, or as I like to call them --"Coraline Kittens", after the movie with the characters with button eyes. I started them good and early back in November. I made them with my signature Mama-made love ~in other words they're not made with perfection only lots of love~ for O(3) this Christmas. These little fellas are so ugly they're cute in my opinion. I got the idea from the blog Doing Without. You can get the instructions and template here.

I followed the bulk of the directions but changed it up just a tad with a few variations. I used left over fabric from the baby quilt and apron. The embroidery floss I borrowed from my daughter’s bracelet making stash.  The stuffing is reused from a small, old, unplayed with, cheap teddy bear. And the basket and little buttons I scored from my mother’s craft closet. So, when all was said and done it cost me $0 to make my kittens!!

My basket was a little bigger than I would of liked. I tried keeping an eye out for a slightly smaller one while I was out doing my Christmas shopping, but didn't see anything. To remedy that I made a quick little pillow to go on the bottom of the basket and a blanket. They fill the basket but will also give O a bed to play with for her kitties as well.

To finish it off, my mother bought some of that clear window shrink wrap for the windows in her drafty office. She had a bunch left over she passed on to me. Not only does it work for windows, you can use it for shrink wrapping gifts. To give my kittens that official gift look I will shrink wrap the basket to give O something to tear into for an extra excitement factor~