Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree . . .

My family started a new Christmas tradition this year. Since the time our family began, we have used a fake tree. It was practical, but always seemed to lack something. This year we donated that tree to a local Assistance Ministry to find it a new home with someone less fortunate who could appreciate it. In lieu of our fake tree, we started the first year of our family's new custom of going together and picking out a real tree. A huge part of Christmas for me are the experiences you have together as a family--the bonding and creating memories. This is one little way of adding another tradition for my kids to remember and to look forward to each year.

This past weekend we got our very first live Christmas tree! It is so wonderful to have a live tree in my house. It has that living factor that my fake tree lacked. It's bringing a bit of nature indoors. And my god, does it's evergreen scent smell marvelous! I love it, love it, love it! While we didn't physically get to cut it down at a farm as we attended (we'll try for that next year) we still had a great time, had some good laughs, lots of smiles, and made memories. Mission complete.

V helping O pick a candy cane off Santa's tree.

O having a blast amongst all the trees.

She found one her size.

V and J, trying to stay warm on a very chilly day.

Our tree comes home!

The finished, or should I say unfinished, product! Our tree's appearance will morph over time as J(15mos) pulls the decorations off the tree and they get moved higher and higher. By the time Christmas rolls around the tree will be top heavy with ornaments and the entire bottom will be bare!

You can see the morphing has already begun! The bottom has less ornaments than the top and we just put it up.