Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art Unveiling

The time has come, Christmas has passed, that now I can share with you what I was working on during the Advent season. I had two new commissions that changed my crafting plans for the holiday a bit, but were very much worth it. The pictures were commissioned as Christmas gifts so I was asked to keep them hush-hush until after the fact.

Now for the unveiling . . .

As always, I enjoy making my art. For me it is not about the art or money--but how my art can help others. I'm still discovering how to do that. It's a little pieces of the story like this, after the art leaves my easel, that make me think I'm on the right path:

. . . I had to giver her the picture in the parking lot. I got it on tape . One of the ladies of her dept was there on a smoke break as well.

You should have heard the 2 of them, they couldn't believe it, at first, they didn't think it was a drawing, they thought it was a picture!! When I told them you drew it, they were in disbelief. They both said what everyone else said that I showed the picture to "I feel like I can just reach out and touch her " meaning A*** in the picture, because you got it that close to real life.

Personal Portraits are your specialty because you really capture the spirit of the person, like I said before not many people can do that.
When you see the video, you will see what your work does for people.

A**** gave me a great big hug and said it was "The Best Present I EVER got" . . . I know this picture meant the world to her, because this time it was about HER !!!!!! I couldn't have given her anything better :-)

SO C*****'s picture, came out beautifully framed !! C***** opened it and didn't realize it was a drawing, said this is Beautiful and then asked me, "where did I find it?" then S**** said "Look at the signature " then C***** said "Get the Hell out of here" She was in disbelief too. I'm not sure if I got hers on tape, if I do will send that down too. I got a new camera and still learning it.

She loved it and could not believe the amount of detail . All the girls at work want to know if you realize what kind of money you can command for these types of drawings. A few people said you need to draw these pictures and keep them going , as you can always sell them at a later time .

I proudly said that I am going to be your agent and will make you famous !!!

You are on your way to something Special !!! One thing people love is pictures of themselves, loved ones, deceased , babies and their pets !!!!

So as I enter the New Year, wish me luck and offer me prayers as I begin St. Catherine's Apprentice: Fine Art & Commissions by Carrie Goad. St. Catherine of Bologna is the patron saint of artists, who is my patron saint. I have always forsaken her in the past, wishing I had gone rather with St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless cases, which I believed to be better suited for me :) I figured it was time to pay St. Catherine the homage due her. I ask for prayers for confidence--which I lack--and divine guidance--which I need--as I begin this venture. Let it about what my art can do for others and not merely about the art itself or the money it can provide for my family.