Monday, December 12, 2011

An Apron of My Own

I finished sewing my first apron! Does the fabric look familiar? It's the leftovers from my baby quilt. Making that money I spent on the fabric stretch even farther! It won't be the last time you see it either. I have another project in the works that I used the scraps on as well. But that's for another post :)

This apron is to fulfill my MaryJane Aprons Beginner Level badge. Aprons are a must in the sisterhood. At the present moment I have none of my own. My daughter, A, has one that I borrow from time to time when I need one in the kitchen. This will be just the first of many in my one-day-to-be apron collection.

For the badge I needed to:

Sew a half apron of your choice from a pattern or a kit. There is a two-hour minimum time investment required. Wear an apron whenever you are in the kitchen.

I got this apron design out of the Mary Jane's Idea Book, Cook Book, Life Book that I speak of frequently. I like this one. The brown patterned fabric is not only for aesthetics, it doubles as a large pocket! That will come in very handy with my little ones. I am forever picking up nick-knacks or carrying things around that I either need or just need to put away. Now I have a nifty, little, pocketed apron to assist me in my mommy duties. However, as far as the kitchen goes, I'm a mess! I might eventually add a simple fabric piece with a neck strap to the top of the apron to protect my shirts--and my growing big belly, that is forever getting in the way--while cooking. Or that just gives me reason to add a second apron to my collection for cooking purposes in the future. And that will earn me the Intermediate Level Apron badge!