Monday, November 28, 2011

From the Collection of My Biggest Fan

My biggest art fan has always been my Aunt. She has collected my art since I was a child, encouraged my skill, and supported my art “services”. She saw the “artist” in me long before I did. So when I started collecting photos to put together a section for my blog, it was to her I went to assist me in finding examples of my work. I either never bothered documenting my work for a portfolio or I took digital pictures only to be lost on a crashed computer later on.

For my birthday she sent me a fun little gift: a collection of photos of my artwork going way back! I forgot about most of these. It was neat to see where some of my more current pieces unbeknownst to me were actually inspired from younger works.

Enjoy the show!

 My first attempt at a collage, age 11. Submitted for an elementary school art show, the topic I recall was something like "soaring" or "flying". I created a girl on an eagle. It won me third place!

A horse fanatic, I spent many hours studying
and drawing them. One of earlier pieces, age 11.

 Two shells I decorated using marker one summer, age 14.


Rose, age 15. I went through a big phase of drawing roses using oil pastels. My first attempts at drawing roses, back in an elementary school art class, resembled pink cabbages!

Sketch of a gigantic stuffed bear I received
that year for Christmas, age 14-15?

An etching I did in a middle school art class.

I remember doing this in 9th grade for a history class. We took a field trip to a museum of some sort and we had to choose one artifact to sketch. Once back at school we used the styrofoam used for meat packaging to make an etching for a print. I chose a little polar bear statue for my piece, age 16  

Pencil deer skull drawing, high school art class.

An unfinished sketch in ink I created for my Aunt of her dog during a visit to her house, age 17.

A little card I made my grandmother.

Kitty, colored pencil

One of very first portrait drawings, my grandfather. Despite passing away when I was middle school, he has been very prevalent in my art work. I have done several pictures over the year with him as my subject--he may be gone but not forgotten. This one was done in oil pastel.