Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm back! It's been three months since baby Christy was born. Life is beginning to settle down enough to where I can get back in the "blogging saddle" once more.

As you can see, I am making some BIG blog changes. It's still in the works and subject to change at any time if I don't like my alterations. The idea is to take everything I was doing and posting before but applying them to my Lay Missionary Charity vows--which are a lifestyle in themselves. I have been vowed since 2008 and am ever perfecting and growing in them over the years. Having just renewed my vows this past Saturday, I have made it my personal intention this year to increase my vows in my daily life and family life.

I will be implementing Chastity Monday, Poverty Tuesday, Obedience Wednesday, Service to the Poor Thursday, and then a Random Friday. Now you may be thinking, "Chastity Monday, seriously?! Boring. What is there to be said about that?" Well, for me that means keeping my heart on my husband. I met my hubby when I was sixteen and have been in the same relationship for some 13-14 years now. Things tend to get stale after awhile, so you might think of it as "Spice up your Marriage Monday." I'll be applying the topics literally and liberally. So Poverty Tuesday will hold such topics like my baking from scratch, crafting, sewing~anything pertaining to the spirit of poverty. Instead of going out and buying what you need, you make it yourself with what you have. So all my homestead, self-sufficient living, going green skills are in that vein. Obedience is following and fulfilling God's calling for me. The spirit of Obedience in my life are things like my family life, our homeschooling, my art business, discerning a possible path to certifying as a birth doula. And Service to the Poor Thursday will journal my service within my family, community, and assisting the sisters at the Missionary of Charity houses in Washington, DC. Random Friday will showcase any and all other topics that don't fit within the spirits of Monday through Thursday. So you never know what your gonna get on any given Friday. (I was going to call it Crapshoot Friday, but didn't know if that was appropriate! :)

I'll leave you with a passage from Words to Love by. . . Mother Teresa:

"Inevitably, someone overwhelmed by her dedication, will ask, 'What can I do to help?' Her response is always the same, a response that reveals the clarity of her vision. Respond individually, where you are. 'Just begin, one, one, one.' she urges. 'Begin at home by saying something good to your child, to your husband or to your wife. Begin by helping someone in need in your community, at work, or at school. Begin by making whatever you do something beautiful for God.'"

So with that being said, lets begin . . .