Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spirit of Obedience: Latest Art Work

 I list my art under the classification of obedience. Why?  It is something I feel called to do.
It is out of the spirit of obedience I try to heed that calling.
See, I have my own little art business St. Catherine's Apprentice.  
I am not interested in the fact that my business be a success or a failure. What's most important to me is that it is my way saying I'm open to God using me and my art if He should want to.
He'll provide me with the business if He wants.
He has my hand to create whatever art He should feel inspired to if He should ever want to.
So whether my business thrives or fails, I'm already a winner because it was never about that to begin with--it's about saying "yes" to God.

This is my latest piece, Christy Gianna.

Having an artist mama, you bet my favorite subjects and most drawn are my own little ones. This is chalk pastel on black board. No one but me might know this, but that is the very quilt I made for my baby; see here.