Thursday, July 26, 2012

Service to the Poor: Canned Food Donations

A group called The Knights of Columbus at our parish holds a food drive every third Sunday of the month. They collect food to be used and distributed by the local Soup Kitchen.
Unfortunately, since the kitchen is sponsored and run by the K of C you have to either be a member or know one in order to help out. On occasion you can find a volunteer opportunity posted in the church bulletin to get in on. My children and I have had the privilege to assist in one evening of preparing and serving  food.
 It's a small operation, but what I thought was nice about this kitchen is it is run in a restaurant style manner. The person comes in, is greeted at the door, and seated. They are then served by a volunteer "waiter." Doggy bags and Take-Out plates are even provided.
With the K of C manning the Soup Kitchen, one of the easiest ways for my family to assist the poor in our community is by simply donating food.