Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spirit of Poverty: Birthday Pinata

My mother had her ??th birthday this past weekend. Her party was Madagascar Circus themed. Rainbow afro wigs, honking red noses, circus music, turkey legs, funnel cakes, carnival games, tye-dyed t-shirts. . . we had so much fun! I have to admit I highly enjoyed myself. I even sported a metallic, purple, Doodlebop-ish looking wig . . .  and liked it! Thank God I was the one behind the camera, no evidence pictures of me. What happens at Nana's party, stays at Nana's party!

I contributed the pinata. My gift to my mom. I made her one a few years ago for her pirate themed birthday party. I worked and slaved making her a life sized pirate skeleton, complete with a little parate perched on his shoulder. Overboard is an understatement. I can't help myself when it comes to artsy stuff.

The paper mache recipe I used called for 1 cup flour and 2 cups water. However, I found the mixture was too watery and added more flour until I had a thicker paste. I also discovered that magazines work just as well as newspaper for this project. I didn't have any old newspapers laying around but had a stack of old magazines. I tried buying a newspaper at a stand, but for 50 cents I only got a very thin paper. Not going to work! And I didn't leave myself enough time to come up any other solutions to my newspaper shortage, I needed to start it pronto to give myself enough time to let it dry between layers. So I substitute magazines for newspaper with good results.

I used, of course, a balloon for the belly--to leave it hollow for candy. For everything else, I just experimented with what I had lying around the house. I used acrylic paint I had stashed away in my art supplies. So when all was said and done, the pinata cost me 50 cents to make (the cost of that newspaper I bought)! Not bad.

This what we ended up with. Those are coffee filters on the cuffs.

Originally I tried going to the Internet for clown face inspiration. BIG MISTAKE! I freaked myself out. There are far too many scary and freaky faces out there.

We settled for a generic, non-threatening face in the end.