Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Birthday

In our family we have a string of birthdays. We have one in September, October, November, December, and January. Sadly by the time my C's birthday rolls around on January 8th, we've run out of birthday steam are burned out from Christmas. But we still try to make the most out it.

C's birthday was simple. We went back to our favorite park for a family hike. Sadly, I forget my camera's memory card in the computer at home, so I could only take about 5 pictures with it. The rest I had use my cell phone camera for--not the best quality, but we still captured the moments.

I was enjoying nature so much, I got a little carried with a nature beauty scavenger hunt. Here's just a few.

Afterwards, we stopped for Frosty's.

We made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, per C's request. (From a box mix this time, not from scratch).

Her grandparents got her the MP3 player she wanted. Here she is posing with it before she opens it.
This Saturday, to finish her birthday celebration, we will be going BOWLING!