Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Schedule

This year I am working on trying to be more organized. Having a sixth child on the way, I REQUIRE some sort of organizational system to keep my family running with the least amount of stress and chaos. Of course, I rely heavily on making lists. With so many tasks swarming around my head I have to write them down to keep them in order and to not forget anything. I have been using Ann Voskamp's Day Planner for the past couple weeks. I have to say I really like the set up; it keeps all my lists in one place.  She just came out with a Week-at-a-Glance sheet I'm trying for the first time this week.

Keeping with my green resolution, I print my to-do lists on the back of old, used papers and worksheets. With a daughter in a school that sends home a ton of notices and then homeschooling two daughters, we end up with loads of papers. I like to reuse the opposite side and then recycle them I'm done.

If you'd like to check out these sheets--maybe print a few for yourself :) get them here.

Getting organized--putting together a schedule system--isn't necessarily the problem for me. It's the maintaining that I find difficult.  Being consistent and persistent, especially when I get tired (which is a habitual state I live in these days at 7 months pregnant) and all I want to do is cut corners and relax a little. But when I do, I find the chores and work only pile up. Instead of doing my myself a favor, I've only made it worse :(