Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Art Archives

I visited my folks house yesterday and found this. As you can see it's taken some wear and tear.

"Study of Pop-Pop", white and black charcoal on grey paper

It's one of my very first charcoal portraits. I drew this years ago. I was still learning to use charcoal, which at first was very frustrating for me. It didn't have a smooth feeling going on to the paper, and was my least favorite art medium to use in art class. Funny, because now it's my favorite. And it's also one of my first "faces", I was still learning to draw portraits. It's my grandfather. He died 18 years ago--I was merely in sixth grade. Though it's been so many years, his presence does not feel "dusty" to me at all. In fact, he feels very present. Perhaps it's because I frequently remember him even after all this time, or maybe it's that I still pray for him every Sunday at Mass. He's gone but not "gone." He has been one of my favorite subjects to draw and by far one of my most drawn. I've done more drawings of him than anyone else. I guess that is my way of showing that he existed, celebrating his life--showing my continued love for him;  like I said, gone but not gone:)