Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homebirth Supplies

I thought I'd share what all is required, equipment/supplies wise, for a home birth. It may vary from midwife to midwife, but this is the list my midwives at Ten Moons Midwifery supplied me and recommend.

Hombirth Supplies:
  • Birth Kit, order at 30 weeks, so that it will be sure to arrive by 36 weeks
  • 1 package maxi pads
  • 1 plastic or metal bowl for the placenta (you may want to set aside another bowl in case you get nauseated)
  • 1 large outdoor disposable picnic table cloth with flannel backing, 1 tarp, or 1 plastic shower curtain liner to protect your floor or carpet. You will need one extra tablecloth, tarp or liner for waterbirth
  • 2 fitted sheets and extra pillows and cases. Make up the bed for the birth as soon as you are sure that you are in labor
  • 2 large plastic garbage bags
  • laundry basket
  • 1 roll each of toilet paper and paper towels
  • 1 crockpot for hot compresses, if desired
  • 12 cloths for compresses (these can be made by cutting up an old towel or you can buy a cheap package of wash cloths. Please wash them an put in a bag labeled compresses)
  • 2 bottles electrolyte drink (Third Wind, Recharge, etc.), coconut water, or homemade "laborade." Leave bottled drinks at room temperature
  • 4 bath towels, minimum. You will need at least 4 more for waterbirth
  • 4 receiving blankets, minimum
  • electric heating pad and an old pillowcase
  • 1 flashlight with working batteries
  • 1 set of baby clothes and 2 cotton newborn hats
  • variety of food in the house. You may not want to eat in labor, but you will definitely be hungry afterward. We [being the midwives] sometimes get hungry too. We especially love a good cup of coffee!
  • 1 bottle hydrogen peroxide, to remove blood from carpet, etc.
  • 1 bottle ammonia, if desired, to add to laundry with meconium soiled clothes, diapers or linens
  • 1-3 perineal cold compresses, if desired, can be added to the birth kit,or might like to use bags of frozen peas instead
  • 4 gallon size Ziploc bags
  • cookie sheet. It is our tray for your labor and birth
  • space heater, if needed, to keep the birth room at 70-75 degrees for several hours after the birth
  • small bottle of olive oil for baby's bottom, to keep the meconium from sticking to baby's delicate skin
  • newborn diapers
  • thermometer
  • infant car seat, with straps adjusted to smallest position. If a base is included with your car seat, please go ahead and install it in your car.

Birth Kit:
Purchased through Everything Birth; this is a pre-determined package my midwives put together through the company, called the Ten Moons Midwifery Birth Kit, that costs $39.
  • 10 disposable underpads, 23x24 light
  • 5 disposable underpads, 30x30 heavy
  • 2 plastic backed sheets
  • 1 OB pads, nonsterile, 12 pack
  • 1 peri bottle
  • 1 mesh pant
  • 1 tenderfoot lancet
  • 2 flex straws
  • 2 alcohol prep pads
  • 1 super sani-cloth
  • 5 lubricating jelly, 5g
  • 1 bulb syringe, sterile 3 oz.
  • 8 gauze, 4x4, sterile, 2 pack
  • 6 gloves, sterile vinyl singles, medium
  • 4 gloves, sterile pairs, medium
  • shipping included

I also ordered the Vitamin K with my kit. This little bottle was a pricey $39.95. I opted to have it administered orally to my newborn, as opposed to an injection or going without. I am also supplementing my diet and taking Alfalfa supplements to increase my vitamin K serum levels so that my baby has more at birth.

To keep things simple, I ordered my "birth" pool through the same company. It is actually a kiddy pool that works really well for home births. It was $39.95, much cheaper than a rented alternative. It came recommended by both my doula and midwife. Referred to as the "Fishy Pool" or "Aquarium Pool," they are sold on Amazon and through birth supply companies. They sell for $37 on Amazon but shipping is $12.40. It was cheaper to buy it for my price through Everything Birth and pay their $5 shipping rate. But what's great is that after my homebirth it can be cleaned out and my younger girls will have a play pool this summer!