Saturday, January 7, 2012

Going Green Extreme

This is a funny little post, but I HAD to share! We found it in my midwives' new office. Both my girls and I were blown away by it when we first encountered it. . . What was it? How did it work?  It's a what?! It lingered with me for so many days after, I even did a google search on it to find out more. I had to know.

No, it's not a Porta Potty 3000 . . .

It's a green, composting toilet! Green to the extreme, I say, composting your own pooh. I love it. I love being exposed to new things, different things, new ideas--I may not always subscribe to them, but to enlightened to them is counted as awesome in my book. This was definitely new! I had never heard of, much less seen, such a thing. As you can see, O(3), got a kick out of it too :)

Yes, it's a whole toilet composting system. You use it like a regular toilet--there's surprisingly no smell, like a porta-potty. There's a continuation of the system outside the building, that holds and "greens" your waste until it's ready for composting. If you be ever so compelled (as I was) to read more, you can start here.

In all honesty, one day, in my future, little homestead I'd love to have one. I'm not sure if my husband would be sold on it though! Oh well, to each his own. Thought I'd at least share a new idea with you guys and expose you to the "extreme green" composting toilet. Now you know!