Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I'm Working On: Baby Hat

I'm getting back to making my baby preparations. Can you believe it? I am already 29 weeks into my pregnancy. Only 11 weeks to go (or maybe more like 13 in my case~my babies tend run late). Time is flying and this baby is growing! One of my first projects is knitting a baby hat. I am using a round form, called Knifty Knitter. Knitting these little hats on the form are surprisingly fast. This is was an instant gratification project :)

I first made a prototype with some cheap yarn to get the technique down. This will be used for one of my daughter's baby dolls. I am now working on the real thing. It is made from Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in Baby Yellow, which my mother graciously supplied.  It is oh-so-soft! I have plenty of yarn so I may even be able to make a matching pair of baby booties as well. (Or maybe a scarf for myself :) My poor belly has gotten so big that my jacket no longer zips up. I can button the top button but if I move even the slightest bit it pops open. My older girls get a kick out of this! I could use a nice wide scarf to help sheild my exposed belly from the cold for the remainder of winter.) I forgot how much I enjoy knitting/crocheting. I am not the most skilled in these art forms but I find them very relaxing, something I needed right now.